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We offer best logistic solutions for trucking companies & owner operators including but not limited to dispatch services, load planning, accounting, factoring, driver hiring, EDI & ELD support services. Our team of dedicated dispatchers & logistic specialists have the expertise which is required for a successful load dispatch and keep on rigorously studying the market trends so that we are able to book best paying loads for you.

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About Us

Flexibility is our motto; we are built to serve your needs

Cargaison, an India-based offshoring company headquartered in Mohali, Punjab, provides offshoring services in consulting, knowledge process services, and robust business development exclusively in the field of logistics.

Incorporated on the 29th of November 2018, the brand is serving more than 40 companies based of the USA & Dubai.

Cargaison has been recognized for its niche in logistics sector for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

Harsimran Singh – CEO

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Drive, Deliver, Earn;
We'll do the rest for you

We are a team of truck dispatchers & logistics specialists who have the experience needed to keep drivers on the road and operations running.
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Our Services

We Provide The Best Logistic Services For Your Needs

We provide top-notch logistics & transportation services tailored according to your business needs.


We provide for most powerful, comprehensive, and
cost-effective Bookkeeping, Load billing, Payroll accounting, Accounts Payable & Receivable services.


Maintaining a reliable, steady cash flow in a business is a huge task & can actually be the difference between sinking or swimming. Unpaid invoices throw a huge wrench into the works, especially if you depend on the incoming funds for payroll or rent.


We have a dedicated EDI department that provides dispatch updates every 4 hours to ensure that customer knows the exact status of their freight at all times.


Our in-house 24 hours dedicated team ensures that driver’s logbooks are maintained up to date & are in compliance with the ELD mandate. 

We have a highly dedicated, experienced and qualified staff team and a high priority is placed on supporting our customers 24/7

Meet the Team

Experienced and Qualified Doing the Job

The profile of employees that we have is 90% postgraduate with 60% having specialization in supply chain management. With an average vintage of 15 months, these people invest 9 hours every day to ensure best-in-class service for our partners which they would also want for their customers is delivered to 99% satisfaction.

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Trusted By More Than 40+ Partners In The World

Cargaison is a logistics outsourcing company with the sole purpose to innovate ideas and add value to the Logistics company in the US by providing value with a streamlined business flow along with enhancing the supply chain of those companies.

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